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Joey’s Second Kiss

Pairing: Joey/OFC

Summary: Joey makes out.


Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi. Just borrowing!

Note: This story was inspired by J. Crew Guy who, when I showed him a brief Joey/Pegasus scene from a Work in Progress, in which it is mentions that this is Joey’s third kiss, asked the question: “So who are the other two for Joey then, hmmm?”

* * *

“Ew, you really made out with Joey Wheeler? He’s such a dork!”

Ichiko shrugged. “Yeah. But he’s kinda cute. And he’s really a good kisser.” She leered. “You should try him.” Then she giggled. “He’s harmless. As long as his dick is up, he’ll follow you around like a puppy.”

Niko thought about it all through English class. Wheeler was in her history class, so she not-so-surreptitiously checked him out with fresh eyes, frowning thoughtfully at him while the teacher droned on. Joey, of course, turned bright red when he saw her looking at him, then started to mug, and ended up knocking his book off his desk and sending it flying two rows over.

Niko rolled her eyes and shook her head while Wheeler sheepishly went to pick up his book under the fierce glare of their teacher. What a dork! Still, he was kind of cute, and he had all that boy-energy, and it wasn’t like she was going to go out with him or anything. So, as they were filing out the door after class, she made sure to bump into him.

“Meet me by the west door of the gym after school,” she said under her breath. Then sped on her way, leaving him standing in the doorway with the other kids bumping into him as they pushed by, saying “Wha… ?” with a big dumb look on his face.

But after school he was there, right where she’d told him to be. Tossing his hair and strutting around, trying to look cool. But his cheeks were pink, and they reddened further when he saw her. He struck a pose that made him look like some kind of yakuza drag queen. “So,” he said. “Here I am. At your… I mean, whatever you….”

Dork, Niko thought. “Look,” she cut him off. She wasn’t here to make conversation. “Here’s the deal.” She checked her watch. “I have to be home by four. So you’ve got ten minutes. Ichiko said you were a good kisser. Show me what you’ve got.”

“Huh? She said I was… You want… ?”

Poor boob, Niko thought, almost affectionately. You could almost see the lonely little thoughts racing around helplessly in his almost-empty head. “Time’s a-wasting, Wheeler. Ten minutes. Take it or leave it.”

Joey looked simultaneously delighted, pissed-off, scared, and confused as hell. But, as Ichiko had said, his dick won. He grinned and opened his arms. “All right! Come to papa!”

Niko rolled her eyes. “No talking,” she said, as she put her arms around his neck, pressing up against him, face turned up, ready to be impressed.

His arms were nice and strong around her back. Probably all the fighting he did, and supposedly he was good at sports, although he had to be less clumsy in the gym than he was in the classroom, or he’d have killed himself by now. But she liked the way he held her, snug but not too tight, one hand firmly in the middle of her back, the other across her shoulders. And she liked the way his eyes got kind of shiny as he leaned down to kiss her, and his smile was actually really sweet.

And, oh boy, could he kiss! Ichiko was right—Joey was a great kisser. It wasn’t technique so much as enthusiasm—for a minute, she thought he was going to lick her face off, and their teeth clicked together, and he giggled softly and whispered an apology in her ear, nibbling on her ear lobe and sucking briefly at her neck—stopping just as she was about to warn him not to give her a hickey—and then he put his mouth on hers and just kissed.

And maybe he really was good at sports after all, because once he got over trying to show off and making a complete idiot of himself, he settled down and worked her like a pro. And he was paying attention—he shifted when she did, pulled back when she needed a breath, noticed what made her squirm and did it some more, and fucked her mouth with his tongue until she was dizzy and weak in the knees.

When she finally grabbed a moment to look at her watch, fifteen minutes had gone by. “Shit!” she exclaimed, shoving him away. “I’m going to be late. My mom will kill me.” She grabbed him by the collar of his school uniform jacket and pulled him down, kissing him fiercely. “Ichiko’s right. You’re good.” She grabbed her book bag and turned to run. “Don’t you dare ever tell anyone about this,” she ordered over her shoulder. “I’ll kill you, Wheeler. You got that?”

“Niko…,” she heard him say, softly. She didn’t stay to hear the rest. When she glanced over her shoulder one last time, she saw him standing there, red-faced, shifting awkwardly, one hand on his hip and the other behind his head, looking like a pathetic lost puppy.

She smiled to herself. Dork.


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