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Joey Loves Yugi

Pairing: Joey/Yugi

Joey loves Yugi. But not that way.


Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi. Just borrowing!

* * *

Joey loves Yugi.

Of course, Yugi’s a guy, so he doesn’t love him that way. He loves him in a guy way.

But not like the way he loves Tristan, which is a very guy way, what with the punching and teasing and name-calling and everything.

Yugi’s not that kind of guy.

Not that Yugi’s not, you know, manly. Well, he isn’t, really. He’s little and cute and not real strong. But he’s not girly.

(Did Joey just think Yugi was cute?)

Joey used to think Yugi was girly, before they were friends. Before Yugi stood up to that big senior who was beating up Joey and Tristan. But not anymore. Now he thinks Yugi’s the nicest guy and the greatest friend in the whole world.

And Joey loves Yugi.

But not in a touchy-feely way. Well, he does like to hug Yugi a lot. He puts his arm around Yugi’s neck, and Yugi looks up at him and his face lights up, and Joey’s stomach kind of flip-flops, because Yugi looks so happy to have Joey’s arm around him, and those eyes of his, big and violet and pretty as any girl’s—Joey could just melt in them.

(And did he just think that Yugi had pretty eyes?)

Joey thinks about Yugi a lot. He thinks about the stuff they do together, the things they talk about, the things Yugi teaches him about the cards and about dueling and everything. He knows he’s a better person because of Yugi, and sometimes he wishes there were some way he could show Yugi how grateful he is, and how much he, you know, loves him.

But not by kissing him on the mouth or anything like that. Not by pulling Yugi into his lap and holding him tight against his chest, or running his hands through Yugi’s spiky hair. Not by unbuttoning Yugi’s shirt and licking his little pink nipples. Not by whispering into Yugi’s ear, “I love you I love you I love you” over and over and over….

But Joey loves Yugi.


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