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Accidental Chocolate

Pairing: Yugi/Jounouchi

Yugi and Jounouchi eat chocolate. For Yami Czarina’s Valentine’s Day challenge.


Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi. Just borrowing!

* * *

“Hang on a second, Yugi,” Jounouchi said, stopping in front of a convenience store. “I want to get something.”

Yugi nodded agreeably and waited on the sidewalk while Jounouchi dashed into the store. A few minutes later, Jounouchi came out, munching on a chocolate Pocky. Casually, he held the box out to Yugi, who took a couple of the chocolate-covered sticks and stuck one in his mouth as they continued their walk to Jounouchi’s part-time job.

Suddenly, Yugi giggled. “Jounouchi-kun, do you know what day this is?”

“Of course! It’s Saturday! Only half a day of school, and four hours at my job, and I get the whole evening free! You want to get together tonight, after I finish work?”

“Mm.” They always spent Saturday nights together. But it was nice to be asked. Yugi smiled to himself, thinking of Saturday nights, cuddling with Jounouchi at the movies, or playing Duel Monsters up in Yugi’s room, betting kisses for points…. “But I meant, what date.

“Oh.” Jounouchi’s brow creased the way he did when he was thinking. “It’s February… Fourteenth. Oh. Oh!

Yugi giggled again, as Jounouchi got it. “It’s Valentine’s Day.” He held up the Pocky in his hand. “You gave me chocolate.”

Jounouchi’s cheeks turned pink. He stood for a moment with his eyes wide, a Pocky hanging from pursed lips. Then he laughed sheepishly with the chocolate stick in his teeth. “Guess that means you’re my boyfriend or something.” Jounouchi looked away and started walking again.

Yugi grinned. He hurried to catch up to Jounouchi, then leaned into him, nudging him with his shoulder. “Guess so,” he agreed.

They walked on for a while in companionable silence. When they passed the next convenience store, Yugi stopped. “Just a minute, okay?” He dashed into the store and soon came out with his own box of chocolate Pocky, which he held out to Jounouchi, unopened. “For you,” he said.

Pink-faced again, Jounouchi took the box. “Thanks, Yugi.” He thrust the already-opened box towards Yugi. “I already ate a couple of them, but….”

“That’s okay. We’ll share. We always do, anyway. Thank you, Jounouchi-kun.”

Jounouchi grinned. He draped an arm around Yugi’s shoulders, and they walked on together.


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