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Mitsuba Hotel


Contains explicit male/male sex.

Pairing: Yugi/Jounouchi, Yami/Jounouchi

Summary: Yugi has found the perfect place to spend the night with his boyfriend—the haunted Mitsuba Hotel!


Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahashi. Just borrowing!

Notes: This takes place during the early manga, somewhere between Shadi’s first appearance and Death-T. Jounouchi has seen the other Yugi, but doesn’t know who he is, and Yugi still doesn’t remember what happens when Yami takes over.

* * *

Jounouchi hated spooky things: ghosts and graveyards and curses and empty buildings late at night. Give him something solid he could fight, and he’d stand up to anything or anybody, but things he couldn’t see and couldn’t explain scared the wits out of him.

All his friends knew it. And they all made fun of him for it, and he took their jokes and teasing because he knew they were right, but he couldn’t help it. Spooky things scared him.

“Is this okay, Jounouchi-kun?” Yugi asked.

Jounouchi turned to his friend. His boyfriend. The person he loved most in all the world. Yugi was looking up at him, wide-eyed, eager and a little nervous.

Jounouchi smiled at him, hoping his own nervousness didn’t show. Nervousness, hell, call it what it was—sheer terror. Ten-thirty at night, and they were standing in front of the haunted Mitsuba Hotel.

The Mitsuba Hotel—since the day construction began on the proposed luxury high-rise, things had gone mysteriously and disastrously wrong. Fires started inexplicably. Plate-glass windows shattered for no reason. Accidents, both minor and major, plagued the workmen. Four men died attempting to install the boiler, which spontaneously exploded—before it had even been hooked up. Another two fell from the thirteenth floor after their safety harnesses failed. Unexpected damages caused costs to skyrocket, and work crews shrank as men were injured or quit, and replacements couldn’t be found. The inevitable delays caused financing to be withdrawn. Finally, the project had been abandoned, and the structure stood incomplete, its top floors still skeletal frames of ironwork, unfinished wiring blowing in the breeze like black strands of witches’ hair.

Even the newspapers said the Mitsuba Hotel was cursed.

And this was where Yugi had brought him. This was where Yugi wanted to spend the night.

“Sure,” Jounouchi said. “This is perfect.”

And it was. Because, after two months of Not here, Jounouchi-kun, and Someone will see us, Jounouchi-kun, and It’s too cold here, too cramped, too dirty—yes, I really want to make love to you, Jounouchi-kun, but not here, when Yugi finally came to him and said, I’ve found the perfect place for us to be alone, Jounouchi-kun, then it was perfect.

Even if it was the Mitsuba Hotel.

* * *

The massive front doors, with their ornate bas-relief designs, were chained and padlocked. Jounouchi could have picked the locks easily—padlocks were the simplest of locks to defeat—but he and Yugi didn’t want to risk being seen from the street, so they crept into the alley and around to the back of the building. Jounouchi’s heart pounded—with more than romantic anticipation—as he picked up a few lengths of discarded wire and went to work on the lock of a service entrance. The wires slipped in his sweaty hands, making him fumble, but before long he heard the snickof the lock unlocking, and he swung the door open with a flourish. Yugi giggled as he entered. Jounouchi blocked the door open with a rock and followed.

They were in a dark hallway. Yugi pulled a small flashlight out of his ever-present book bag and switched it on. The pool of yellow light raised looming shadows around them.

“So, Yugi,” Jounouchi whispered, unable to keep a nervous quaver out of his voice, “What did you tell your Grandpa?”

“I told him I was staying with you. I’m sure he thought I meant at your place. I hope he doesn’t call your dad.” Yugi frowned. “I don’t like lying to him.” The light from the flashlight made his face look strange, older and full of dark thoughts. Jounouchi glanced at the Millennium Puzzle that always hung around Yugi’s neck. It, too, was shadowed and strange in the flashlight’s glow.

“It doesn’t matter if he calls,” Jounouchi said, still whispering. “This time of night, my dad would just swear and hang up on him. If he answered the phone at all.”

Yugi nodded, then laughed suddenly. The strange look on his face disappeared, leaving only the good-hearted schoolboy. “Jounouchi-kun, why are you whispering? There’s nobody around to hear us.”

Jounouchi glanced around. “I hope not.” He forced himself to speak in a normal voice.

“What did you tell your dad?” Yugi asked.

Jounouchi shrugged. “Nothing. He probably won’t even notice I didn’t come home.”

Yugi turned and aimed his flashlight down the hall. “Let’s go. We need to find a stairway up.”

Jounouchi followed. “Where are we going?”

Yugi grinned conspiratorially. “I heard that there’s one suite here that’s completely furnished, all ready for guests, with a made-up bed and everything. It’s a model to show investors what the rooms were going to be like. It’s supposed to be on the fifth floor.”

“Wow!” Jounouchi grinned back. “That really is perfect! And they left it like that?”

“That’s what I heard. But I guess we’ll find out.”

Suddenly, Jounouchi couldn’t take it any longer. Maybe it was the excitement of knowing they were finally going to be together—in a real bed in a fancy hotel, no less—not just a quick grope upstairs in Yugi’s room, wet kisses and sweat and rumpled clothes, hot and hard and desperate behind the denim barrier—but long, leisurely, naked lovemaking. Or maybe it was knowing, at last, that Yugi really wanted to be with him, and wasn’t just making excuses to put Jounouchi off. Or just maybe it was—at least partly—the adrenaline rush of fear, of coming here, to the Mitsuba Hotel, to make love among the ghosts….

Jounouchi grabbed Yugi and hoisted him up by the butt, pressed him against the wall, and kissed him, mouth open wide and hard on Yugi’s. Yugi wrapped his legs and arms around Jounouchi, heels digging into the small of Jounouchi’s back, the flashlight in his fist digging between Jounouchi’s shoulder blades. Yugi’s tongue darted into Jounouchi’s mouth. Jounouchi could feel Yugi’s erection against his belly. For a long time he stood there, holding Yugi up against the wall and kissing him for all he was worth, pulse pounding so hard he could almost feel his body sway with it. Then he finally stepped back and let Yugi slide to the floor.

“Let’s go find that room,” Yugi said, a little breathlessly. His lips glinted with moisture, and he wiped his mouth on his sleeve.

Jounouchi nodded. If they kept this up, he’d be too excited to be scared.

* * *

They found the stairway a little further on and began climbing to the fifth floor. The stairs were metal, on an open framework, and every sound they made, every word they spoke, echoed hollowly throughout the stairwell, bouncing off the concrete walls, coming back to them changed and eerie. Even whispers became strange ringing hisses, and Jounouchi soon fell silent, his fears building again, as he strained to listen for other voices, other footsteps hidden within his and Yugi’s own small sounds. He clutched the railing tightly, remembering the stories of the unexplained falls. Something had killed those men, and whatever it was, there was no reason to think it had gone away.

Jounouchi’s hand got so damp he could hardly grip the railing. He stared hard at the steps as he placed his feet, blinking sweat out of his eyes, concentrating on not slipping. He could hear Yugi breathing softly beside him, slightly winded by the climb. He could hear the soft rustle of their clothing, the thump of their sneakers hitting the metal steps. But was there another sound? A tapping noise, just at the edge of his hearing? Like other footsteps, several floors down from them. Following them. They’d nearly reached the fourth floor.

“Yugi….” His voice bounced around, like a dozen playful ghosts speaking Yugi’s name.

“What is it, Jounouchi-kun?” kun, kun, kun….

“Do you hear something? Something that isn’t us, I mean?” mean, mean, mean….

Yugi shook his head. “You know how this place echoes.” ohs, ohs, ohs…. He took another step, then stopped, wiping his forehead on his sleeve. “Are we there?”

“No, one more floor. You okay?” kay, kay, kay….

Yugi nodded. “I’ll feel better when we get out of this stairwell. It’s a little spooky.” ee, ee, ee….

Somehow, it made Jounouchi feel better to hear Yugi admit that he thought the stairwell was spooky, too. He took a deep breath and continued up. Only one more floor. Once they found the room, everything would be fine. A nice soft bed, with a nice warm Yugi in it—he’d undress Yugi, touch him and kiss him all over, make him writhe, make him call out, Oh, oh, oh—and it wouldn’t be an echo, it would be excitement and passion and love.

Thinking about that got him to the fifth floor with no further trouble.

* * *

They pushed open the heavy fire door and went out into the fifth-floor hallway, both jumping when the door slammed shut with a loud bang. They looked at each other, laughing sheepishly in the shadowy light of Yugi’s flashlight. “If there is somebody down there, they know we’re here now,” Yugi said.

“Yeah,” Jounouchi agreed, no longer laughing quite as hard. He looked up and down the hallway, but it appeared identical in both directions. Just a plain, straight hall with plain, unnumbered doors on both sides. “So… which way?”

Yugi shrugged. “I don’t know. All I know is it’s supposed to be the fifth floor. We’ll just have to start checking the rooms.”

“Okay.” Jounouchi walked up to the first door on his left and pulled it open. Yugi came up beside him and shined his flashlight inside. The room was empty, unpainted, uncarpeted. “Not this one.”

They continued down the hallway, opening each door, always with the same result—the rooms were empty and unfinished. When they thought they’d reached the end of the hall, they discovered that instead it took a sharp left turn and continued on. Yugi pointed his flashlight down the hallway. It seemed to stretch on forever.

Yugi sighed. “Maybe it was just a rumor. Maybe there isn’t any finished room.”

“Hey, don’t give up yet! We’ve barely started looking.” Jounouchi headed down the turn in the hallway.

Just as he was reaching for the first door, a crash echoed down the hall. Jounouchi jumped back with a yelp, bumping into Yugi, who slipped and grabbed Jounouchi. They both fell in a startled heap.

“What was that?” Jounouchi tried to get his feet under himself, but he was still tangled up with Yugi, and only fell again.

“It… it was the door. It must have slammed shut again….”

Again? How could it slam shut again, unless somebody opened it again?” Jounouchi could hear the note of rising panic in his voice. He managed to scramble free of Yugi, but still lay panting on the floor.

“I don’t know!” Yugi didn’t sound very calm himself. “Maybe the wind blew it open….”

“Yugi—” Jounouchi got to his feet, then grabbed Yugi by the wrist and hauled him up as well. “It’s an inside door. There’s no wind in here. Besides, that door weighs a ton. You and I together had a hard time opening it.”

“Well… we’d just better go and see what opened it, then.” Yugi straightened his jacket—he was, as always, wearing his school uniform, which Jounouchi found suddenly very sexy.

“Um… maybe it was the wind….” Jounouchi did not want to go back down the hall. He wanted to ravish Yugi right here and now, and never leave this hallway again.

Yugi laughed. “Come on, Jounouchi-kun. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation. We’ll check it out, then we’ll find our room and forget about all these weird noises.”

Our room. Jounouchi took a ragged breath. All right, check out the noise, then find their room. He nodded, and they turned and went back down the hall.

But the door, when they reached it, was just as they’d left it—closed, with no indication of who or what had opened it. Jounouchi opened it and held it while Yugi shined his flashlight up and down the stairwell. Nothing. The hallway was empty as far as the flashlight’s beam would reach.

“Well, that didn’t help,” Jounouchi said grumpily.

“But there’s no one here. At least we found that out.”

“Did we? If somebody had come up here, they could have gone the other way down the hall and be out of sight by now. They could be hiding in one of the rooms. Or standing right behind the door….”

“Jounouchi-kun, there’s nobody here,” Yugi said firmly. “Now, do you want to go find our room, or do you want to go home?”

He only had to think about it for a moment. “Let’s go find our room.” They headed back down the hall. But, “I hope the door locks from the inside,” Jounouchi muttered as they went.

* * *

They checked door after door, until they reached the end of the hall. “Well, this is it,” Jounouchi said, as he paused with his hand on the doorknob. “If it’s not here….”

“We’ll have to go back and start down the hall the other way,” Yugi finished.

Jounouchi grinned. “Well, I hope it’s here. Because I’m tired of opening doors. I want to start opening zippers.”

“Me, too.” Yugi grinned back.

Jounouchi opened the door with a flourish, and Yugi aimed his flashlight into the room. “Hey! There’s something here!”

They both rushed inside, eagerly looking around. There was something there, all right, but not what they’d expected. The floor was carpeted, and the walls papered in cream and white. There was a table and lamp against the far wall, with an overturned chair lying nearby. A large trunk sat on the far side of the room, beneath the picture window. The carpet had several deep gouges in it, along the path the trunk would have taken from the door to the window.

But no bed.

“Is this it?” Yugi said, sighing. “Maybe they took away some of the furniture.”

Jounouchi walked over to the trunk. It was made of dark wood, with carvings on the lid that reminded him of the bas-relief on the hotel’s front doors. “I wonder what’s in it?”

“Treasure,” said a voice from the doorway. “And it’s mine.”

Both boys whirled around. Yugi’s flashlight clattered to the floor, leaving a semicircle of yellow light on the far wall, and the rest of the room in shadows. Something loomed in the doorway, a metallic glint at its right.

A strange gurgling noise emerged from Jounouchi’s throat. A monster! A ghost! Something had followed them, and now it was going to kill them! Crazed with panic, Jounouchi flung himself at the trunk, trying to get behind it. Instead, he cracked his head on the plate glass window.

There was a flash of light and a harsh pop from the doorway. The window cracked, showering Jounouchi with a dusting of tiny shards of glass. “Yugi!” Jounouchi cried out. Where was Yugi? He had to protect him. Fortunately, he wasn’t cut, but his eyes were gritty with glass dust, and he could see only shadows.

But through the shadows came a golden glow, and for a moment, Jounouchi thought he saw Yugi standing in its light. The glow was coming from—the Millennium Puzzle!

Another flash and pop. The ghost was… firing a gun? Jounouchi scrambled to his feet and flung himself in the direction of the flash. He connected with something solid—no ghost, but a man. A man Jounouchi could fight.

They crashed to the floor, Jounouchi landing on top of the intruder. He still couldn’t see much, but he didn’t have to see the guy to hit him. Jounouchi found the man’s collar with his left hand, and let fly with his right. His fist connected to the man’s jaw with a satisfying crunch. He raised his arm for another blow, and another.

The body went slack under him. “No more!” the man moaned, lifting his arms in surrender.

A small circle of light illuminated the man’s bloody face, and Jounouchi turned to see Yugi standing at his side, flashlight in one hand, the man’s gun in the other. “What do you want?” Yugi asked their attacker.

“Treasure,” the man said weakly, spitting out blood. “I heard a rumor… treasure on the fifth floor. I thought….”

“Yeah, there are a lot of rumors about this place,” Jounouchi said disgustedly, getting to his feet. “You shouldn’t believe everything you hear.” He walked over to the trunk and hauled open the lid. “There. There’s your treasure.”

The man pulled himself unsteadily to his feet. He walked over to the trunk, followed by Yugi, still holding the gun and flashlight. All three of them looked inside—

Wiring. Lengths of cable. The webbing from a safety harness. A pipe wrench. Bits and pieces of construction equipment.

“Aw, shit,” the man said. He took an uneasy step back from the trunk. “Look, guys, no harm done, right? I’ll just leave you two to… whatever….”

Yugi’s eyes narrowed.

Jounouchi let the trunk lid slam shut. “Yeah, whatever. Get out of here before we change our minds.”

Gratefully, the man turned, clutching his jaw, and hurried away as quickly as his injuries would let him.

“You’re more forgiving than I would have been,” Yugi said, looking at the gun in his hand.

Jounouchi shrugged. “He’s not worth the trouble. Like he said, no harm done.” Then he remembered—that last shot—the guy’d fired at Yugi! “You are okay, aren’t you? He didn’t… ?”

Yugi smiled. “He was a very bad shot. I’m fine.” He set the gun and flashlight down on the floor, flashlight pointing up to provide the room with a faint light.

Jounouchi looked at him thoughtfully. Wasn’t there something different about him? It wasn’t the first time he’d seen Yugi look like this—the first time was when that professor friend of Yugi’s Grandpa went wacky, and that weird guy in the turban tried to hurt Yugi and Anzu. Anzu had noticed it, too. Now Yugi was looking that way again, almost like a different Yugi….

When had it happened? Jounouchi tried to remember… the intruder had shot at him, and the Millennium Puzzle had started to glow… was that when Yugi had changed?

Or was it all just his imagination—dim light and shadows, and the shock of almost getting shot?

Jounouchi sat down on the trunk with a thump, rubbing the dust out of his eyes. “Good. At least we’re okay. But it hasn’t been a very romantic evening, has it? First, no bed, then we get attacked by some idiot who thinks there’s treasure here….”

Yugi sat down beside him, one arm around Jounouchi’s back. “Oh, I don’t know,” Yugi said silkily, “I think it’s pretty romantic when you save my life.”

“Yeah?” Jounouchi grinned. “I think we both saved our lives. You distracted him so I could jump him by… going all… glowy….” And now Yugi was distracting him by sliding a hand over his thigh….

“We make a good team,” Yugi said, lifting his face up to kiss Jounouchi.

Jounouchi’d go along with that. He wrapped his arms around Yugi and kissed him back—

And Yugi definitely was different. This wasn’t the sweet little guy who liked to let Jounouchi have his way with him—this Yugi was climbing up onto his knees, pulling Jounouchi’s jacket off, rubbing against him like a cat, all the while continuing to kiss him like—like someone who hadn’t kissed anyone in a thousand years.

Jounouchi didn’t know what to do. Should he stop? It didn’t feel quite right somehow, to be kissing a Yugi who wasn’t exactly Yugi. Not that it didn’t feel good, and anyway, what was he supposed to say? You’re acting too sexy, what’s wrong with you? And it was Yugi, even if he was acting like somebody else, stripping Jounouchi of his tee-shirt, pushing him down to lie on the trunk with his jacket under him, pressing a thigh into his crotch, making him tremble and moan….

Jounouchi braced one foot on the floor and gripped Yugi’s jacket while Yugi straddled his thighs and regarded him with a determined glint in half-closed eyes. Then Yugi started unfastening Jounouchi’s belt. Jounouchi stared at the ceiling and twitched as Yugi’s hands brushed his cock. He’d been waiting for this for so long, wanting it so much—maybe Yugi had, too, maybe that was all it was—Yugi was wild with passion, aggressive with pent-up need.

Yugi slid off the trunk to pull Jounouchi’s jeans and shorts off, followed by his shoes and socks, and then Jounouchi was lying naked on the trunk, and Yugi slid on top of him and smiled, the corner of his mouth quirked up in a strange combination of amusement and desire. He leaned down and murmured in Jounouchi’s ear, “Do you want to turn over?”

Jounouchi froze. One hand flailed, grabbed Yugi’s shoulder. “I….” He stopped, swallowed, and tried again. “You want to… ?” No, this wasn’t his Yugi. At least, no Yugi he’d ever imagined in his wildest dreams.

“Only if you want to,” Yugi said. He stroked Jounouchi’s face lightly. It was the eyes, Jounouchi thought. Yugi’s eyes looked old and deep and hungry. A guy could get lost in them… and never come out. Not the wide friendly eyes of his gentle boyfriend.

Still. Here they were, and Jounouchi’d be crazy to refuse. “Hell. Yeah.” He struggled to reach beneath himself for his jacket. “Do you have lube and stuff? ‘Cause I….” He had some in his jacket pocket, if it hadn’t been squashed by now….

They got off the trunk, and together they located the tube, fortunately still intact. Yugi took off his jacket, and, fumbling in their excitement, hands and hips bumping, they arranged both jackets on the trunk. Yugi chuckled softly, sounding a bit more like his old self, and Jounouchi hugged him and kissed him wetly before climbing back onto the trunk. It wasn’t really big enough for him to lie flat, so he waited on his hands and knees, watching upside-down between his legs as Yugi stood behind him and slipped out of his clothes: white shirt and school uniform trousers, sneakers and white socks fell to the floor, revealing a black sleeveless tee-shirt and black briefs beneath. Yugi paused a moment, smiled and winked at Jounouchi, then the tee-shirt and briefs went, too, and Yugi wore only his dog collar as he laid a hand on Jounouchi’s hip and murmured, “Ready?”

Jounouchi nodded, grinning fiercely, thinking over and over and over, Yugi’s going to fuck me….

Yugi knelt on the trunk between Jounouchi’s legs, his small blunt-fingered hands on Jounouchi’s hips. These were Yugi’s hands—Jounouchi knew them well; he’d licked them and held them and felt them on him so many times, and he could never mistake them. Yugi stroked him with familiar fingers, slicking him with lube, touching where he’d never touched him before, and it was good, it was right, and Jounouchi knew everything was all right.

Jounouchi let his head drop onto his arms. “Yugi,” he moaned, as Yugi entered him. Sweat trickled down his sides and fell from his ribs. How could he have wondered? How could he have doubted for a moment? This was Yugi fucking him—no one else could ever make him feel this way.

Jounouchi closed his eyes and clung tightly to the edge of the trunk, groaning with each thrust. His knees scraped against the fabric of Yugi’s jacket, and his heart pounded in his chest, and the feeling in his cock and balls and butt grew and grew as Yugi’s cock plunged into him, until it broke like waves on the shore, and he shouted Yugi’s name as he came, in hot shivery bursts.

Yugi cried out, too, pumping once, twice, then collapsing onto Jounouchi’s back. Jounouchi lost his grip on the trunk and his knees went out from under him, and they tumbled to the floor, laughing.

Jounouchi curled around Yugi and kissed him thoroughly. Yugi was warm and slick and cuddly, and the carpet was thick and soft beneath them. “Hm, why didn’t we just do it on the floor?” he asked. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Maybe next time,” Yugi said, disentangling himself and sitting up. He pulled his jacket off the trunk and frowned at the wet spot on it. “I wonder if the bathroom works?”

“Go ahead. I can’t move.” Jounouchi rubbed his sore knees and stretched his neck.

Yugi took the flashlight with him into the bathroom, leaving Jounouchi in the dark. Naked. On the floor. In the Mitsuba Hotel. Where there weren’t any ghosts. But if there were, he was a sitting duck. Sighing, he got to his knees and felt around for his clothes, pulling them on by feel.

He’d just finished dressing when Yugi came back, holding out the flashlight to him. “There’s running water, but it’s not hot. Do you want to clean up?”

“Yeah, I want to wash the dust out of my eyes, at least.” He took the flashlight and went into the bathroom, where he splashed cold water over his face and the back of his neck.

When he went back into the room, Yugi was standing in the middle of the floor, one hand on the back of his head, looking around as if wondering where he was.


Yugi turned toward him, startled, then flung himself into Jounouchi’s arms. “Jounouchi-kun! Are you all right?”

Jounouchi patted Yugi’s back. “Sure I am. I was just in the bathroom. What’s wrong?”

Yugi pulled away, frowning thoughtfully. “I remember… we were looking at the trunk. Then a man came and attacked us.” His eyes grew wide. “He shot at you! And then….” Yugi shook his head, confused. “I was here and you were gone and….”

Then Jounouchi realized—Yugi had changed back. It was the regular Yugi again. And he didn’t remember anything that happened after the Millennium Puzzle started to glow! “It’s okay. You distracted the guy and I jumped him. Then we let him go.” And then we had sex. Should he tell him? Maybe it would just upset him. How could Yugi have forgotten?

“Oh. But what did he want?”

“He thought there was treasure in the trunk. But it’s just full of junk—wires and cables and tools and stuff. I don’t know why anyone would keep all that stuff here.” Now Jounouchi felt strange again. Maybe they shouldn’t have done it. But it was Yugi he’d had sex with, even if Yugi didn’t remember….

Yugi went over to the trunk and opened the lid. He reached in and picked up a length of cable, then the safety harness.

Maybe it would be better not to tell him. Jounouchi kind of thought a guy’d want to remember fucking his boyfriend for the first time.

“Jounouchi-kun, this isn’t junk.” Yugi turned from the trunk, holding one of the cables. “It’s evidence.”

“Evidence? Of what?”

“Sabotage. See how the end of this cable is cut part way through, then the rest is frayed? It was weakened so it would fail. Same with the safety harness.”

“No shit? You mean, all those accidents… ?”

“Weren’t really accidents. Somebody made them happen. Somebody didn’t want this hotel to be built.”

Jounouchi walked over to the trunk and looked at the piles of equipment. Evidence. “I wonder who did it?”

Yugi dropped the cable back in the trunk and closed the lid. “We have to tell the police.”

“And how do we explain what we were doing here?”

Even in the near-dark, he thought he saw Yugi blush. And that was his Yugi, all right. “Well, we can call them anonymously, from a phone booth.”

Jounouchi nodded. “Meanwhile, we could be doing what we’re doing here….” And this time, Yugi was going to remember.

Yugi giggled. “But there’s no bed.”

“There’s a nice, soft carpet.” Jounouchi bent down to put his arms around Yugi and kiss his cheek. “And we’ve got the whole place to ourselves.”

“Mm.” Yugi nodded, smiling. “I guess we shouldn’t waste the chance.”

Jounouchi sank to his knees, bringing Yugi down with him. Yugi’s hands slid under Jounouchi’s jacket and tee-shirt to stroke Jounouchi’s back. Yugi’s hands… Jounouchi felt himself getting hard again.

Jounouchi shivered. It had been Yugi… but not Yugi. This was spooky. And Jounouchi hated spooky things.

Except when the spooky thing was Yugi.

“Jounouchi-kun,” Yugi said, his voice muffled against Jounouchi’s chest. “Why is my jacket wet?”

He answered Yugi with a kiss.


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