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Whose Life? (optional epilog)

Sheppard comes home. Post-”Common Ground.”


Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis belongs to MGM Studios. No infringement intended.

* * *

Sheppard looked up from the floor, his head spinning. Ronon was grinning down at him, holding out his hand. Clasping Ronon’s wrist, Sheppard let Ronon pull him to his feet.

“Good move,” Ronon said. “I had trouble countering it.”

Sheppard couldn’t remember making a move. Must have been a doozy. Slowly, he grinned back. “Thanks.” He wobbled a little when Ronon let go of him.

“You okay?” Ronon asked.

Sheppard thought about it. There was something… but it was gone now. “Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s go get something to eat.”