Long Beach Half Marathon 2015

Long Beach Half Marathon

October 11, 2015

view from hotel
View from my room on the 11th floor of the Renaissance Hotel. After a 7 year break, I’m back for another half marathon. I’d been planning to try the full marathon, but due to the intense heat and difficulties with my last few long training runs, I decided to switch to the half. I was really glad I did! It was in the 90s all weekend, which made for a really hard race.
Wave 5
I headed out around 7 am for the 7:30 start, and found my place at Wave 5, for expected finish times of 3:32 and over. I didn’t know it at the time, but I could have done an early start at 6 am with the full marathoners. That would have really helped escape some of the heat!
starting line
Crossed the starting line at around 7:40 am. It was already hot and humid, but I felt pretty good at the start.
Mile 1
Reached Mile 1 under the underpass.
Approaching the first turn, circling around this little park.
Crossing the bridge just after mile 2.
Queen Mary
Early morning sun over the water, with the Queen Mary on the right in the distance.
running along the water
Running along the water.
Cheerleaders cheered us on
We passed a little lighthouse on the hill above us.

running along the beach
Running along the beach, we passed the halfway point.
Mile 8
Passing mile 8 on the beach.

rock band
One of several rock bands who entertained us along the way.
mile 10
Nearing the turnaround at about Mile 10. Here was where I began to get in trouble. I’d taken an electrolyte drink instead of water at one of the water stations and it upset my stomach. Because of my stomach troubles and the heat, I didn’t eat any more GU, which I suspect led to a blood sugar drop. Anyway, I got very weak and eventually couldn’t run any more, so I had to walk the rest of the way.

Shade! It was very welcome to get out of the sun for a bit.
full and half marathon split
We passed the point where the full marathoners split off. I was very glad to keep on the left with the half marathoners.

mile 12
Only one more mile to go! It was a hard, hard last mile, but I kept going.
finish line
The finish line is in sight!

I did it! Made it past the finish line, picked up my finisher’s medal, water and coconut water and some snacks, then found a patch of shade in the grass to sit and rest a while. My final time was 3:39:15, quite a bit slower than I’d hoped, but a finish is a finish!