I am not writing
Transformers, but if I were
It would start like this

If a human were to ask him, Optimus Prime would say that robots don’t dream. If so inclined, and if the human were trustworthy, he might go on to explain that, for one thing, robots don’t sleep. They take themselves offline periodically to perform auto-diagnostics and repairs, but, unless seriously damaged, they remain conscious throughout and ready to switch back on at a moment’s notice, in case an emergency should arise. He might also explain that, while diagnostics are running on mental systems, one’s thoughts can become randomized while neural pathways are being repaired and reset. But robots are not made of flesh, and this is not dreaming.

He would probably not say that, during these long days after the destruction of the Allspark,  he often found himself switching off the highest level of control over his thoughts and allowing himself to drift in memories and thoughts of the past.

He would not call this daydreaming. He was a robot, not a flesh creature. He was exercising his mind. He was trying to make sense of Autobot history, and understand how they had come to be these few robots living among flesh creatures on an alien world. He was wondering what would come next for his kind.

He was many thousands of years old, and had a very long memory.

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