Back in the late 80s, Bill was one half of a New Wave band called Martini Ranch. Bill did vocals and co-writer Andrew Todd performed the music. They put out an album in 1988 called Holy Cow, with guest musicians including Robert and Patrick O’Hearn, Mark Isham, Cindy Wilson, and Mark Mothersbaugh. And they did a couple of music videos.

Barnes & Barnes was a comedy rock duo consisting of Robert Haimer and Bill Mumy. They recorded a number of albums in the 80s and 90s, and Bill appeared in several of their music videos.

  • Barnes & Barnes: “Soak It Up” (1983)
  • Barnes & Barnes: “Love Tap” (1981)
  • Barnes & Barnes: “Fish Heads” (1980)

Pat Benatar: “Shadows of the Night”  (1982) music video