“I’m the Obi-Wan of the movie. Matthew is the hero.”
– Bill Paxton

It’s World War II, and a German U-boat carrying an Enigma code machine has been disabled by a destroyer in the Atlantic. Using a disguised German submarine, a Naval crew sets out to find the U-boat and capture the Enigma machine before the Germans get there. But when things go wrong, the young executive officer finds himself in charge of a desperate mission to survive.

I love submarine stories. The tension, the claustrophobia, of being sealed in a vessel surrounded by an alien and hostile environment—gets me every time. And this one is no exception. The action is non-stop and thrilling, with great special effects. Loved those depth charges! The ‘ping’ of the sonar! The hush of silent running! I was so there.

Bill plays Captain Dahlgren, skipper of the crew until his submarine is taken out of the action. He’s your basic all-around military good guy, making the tough decisions and taking the consequences. I would have liked to see him have a bigger role, but it was a good one.

Bill’s very butch in this one. Straightforward, decisive, by the book. Not a flashy role, but a solid one. And I do love a man in uniform…

Four stars, for a great action movie. Go see it!

Dead or Alive?