Boxing Helena

“There’s nothing sexual about being on a set with seventy people watching you, you know… I mean, I’m an exhibitionist—more of an introverted extrovert—but it doesn’t raise the flag, as it were…”
– Bill Paxton

The twisted little tale of a neurotic surgeon so obsessed with a beautiful woman that he would do anything—including commit mayhem—to keep her with him, this film by Jennifer Chambers Lynch (David Lynch’s daughter) spawned lawsuits and bad press and was almost universally reviled even before it came out.

So sue me, I like this movie. I don’t know that I would say it was a good movie, but it is fascinatingly weird and compelling in a train-wreck sort of way, and any movie with “Nessun Dorna” in it can’t be all bad. As for Bill, his role as Ray O’Malley, Helena’s obnoxious boyfriend, isn’t large, but it certainly is showy. O’Malley’s something of a Neanderthal, but he doesn’t come off too badly considering that Helena’s a stone bitch and Dr. Nick is certifiable. The black leather pants don’t hurt, either.

Naked Bill. Love scene with Sherilynn Fenn. Black leather and sunglasses and tight see-through tee-shirt. Smokey sex-kitty voice. Forget the cheesy dialogue and bizarre plot, just sit back with a glass of cognac and watch Bill turn up the heat.

Three stars, mostly for naked leatherboy Bill.

Dead or Alive?