Near Dark

“A lot of people want to tell me I’m the affable all-American guy, but I came up doing character parts.”
– Bill Paxton

Small town boy meets the girl of his dreams. But isn’t there something a little bit strange about Mae? Especially when she insists she has to be home by dawn, then bites Caleb on the neck. Pretty soon he’s scooped up by Mae’s homicidal little family, who allow that Caleb can be one of them, if only he learns how to kill.

Not your usual vampire movie, these undead killers wander the heartland in pickup trucks and trailers with the windows blacked out with tinfoil, trashing bars and chewing people up like popcorn. As Severen, the craziest and most bloodthirsty of the savage clan, Bill pulls out all the stops. He laughs hard, drinks hard, plays hard, and kills hard. He’s rude and crude and nasty as hell. He acts like being a vampire is the most fun he ever had.

Holy smoke! Bill is hotter than a pistol in this one. You got your leather, cowboy boots, spurs, guns, cowboy drawl, neck-biting, blood-sucking, exploding into flames… Totally outrageous, totally delicious.

Five stars. Okay, six. ‘Cause Severen is mad, bad, and oh, so sexy. “Fucking daylight!”

Dead or Alive?